Amara Scentsations offers essential oil blends that are uniquely customized to your specific needs whether it is comfort, lifting your spirits or simply a beautiful fragrance.

The use of fragrance to increase happiness, uplift mood, focus our minds and bring back good memories is an ages old cross cultural phenomenon. Unlike our other senses, fragrance acts instantaneously – bypassing the need for any action except to breathe it in.

So an appealing aroma is the cornerstone of an effective blend. Amara’s promise is that whatever you need the essential oils blend for, the blend will be high quality, thoughtfully assembled keeping in mind your needs and you will love how you smell when you use it.

People and plants have always been in a interdependent relationship. We have depended on plants for food, medicine, fragrance and beauty while cultivating plants, increasing their varieties, and finding ways to save them from their predators.

It is this relationship that forms the backbone of aromatherapy, and my goal is at the intersection of the intelligent and responsible use of essential oils.

In pursuing this goal, and to achieve the highest level of integrity between the ingredients and the intention, I blend for synergy.

To quote Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” A skillfully blended synergistic product – whether it’s the essential oil blend or its combination with the carrier – brings a host of advantages that individual components don’t have.

Just like it takes rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.