About Us


Hi! I’m Anjali Shekdar and Amara Scentsations is my brainchild.

From past life, I have an MBA and worked for several years with some of the best companies for the world until I gave it all up to be a stay at home mom.

My first brush with essential oils was when I was in business school and serendipitously used peppermint essential oil to  fight off a head cold and prepare for my college exams. The power of the oil in a small bottle was a eye opener for me and oils have been a part of my life since.

The desire to live a more holistic healthful life for me and mine brought me to start Amara Scentsations. While I have been helping people with essential oils for 15 years, I had been doing so intuitively and when I decided to go beyond my immediate circle, I went to Aromahead for my education.

Armed with this education and with the blessings of a host of mentors who have shaped and influenced my practice, I am making it known that I am here, prepared and ready to help.

I am fascinated by the vast potential of essential oils in bringing wellbeing to us. I am equally interested in the biology and science of why essential oils do what they do, how to blend them for greater effectiveness and for the sheer joy of a beautiful fragrance.

I continue to expand my knowledge, through conversations with my mentors and reading books by vintage aromatherapists and experiential learning.

I have contributed to the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy (IJPHA) and my case study, “Managing Seasonal Allergies in a Child with the Use of Hydrolats” appeared in its September 2016 issue.

5 things I love –
1) The way it smells after it rains
2) Snuggling with my kids on a cold winter morning
3) The way my Golden Retriever looks at me – as if she can’t believe how lucky she is in finding me to love her
4) Travelling to beautiful places with my beautiful family.
5) Good fresh food made with amazing ingredients