Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Amara Scentsations offers essential oil blends that are uniquely customized to your specific needs. Plants have always been used for food, medicine, and recreation.

Concentrated essential oils are a portable way to bring the magical power of plants everywhere. Their use has been linked to health benefits supporting many conditions:

  • mood enhancement
  • balanced hormone function
  • more restful sleep
  • improved appearance of skin
  • managing perception of aches and pains


Customers love our blends. Here what they say –

Anjali has helped me in so many ways. The most important way is by creating a wonderful pain blend. I usually wake up quite achy from arthritis pain in my hip and back. I used to have no choice but to take my arthritis medicine which is harmful in the long term. I now have a healthy alternative – Anjali’s pain blend which I apply to the painful areas and a few minutes later I am feeling much better. I also use a blend she made to apply to my feet to help me sleep and I also love her natural perfume. It just has a feel good scent. Anjali loves researching and creating new blends to help others. Many thanks to her. I am a customer for life!

– Kathleen Behar