Natural Skincare

Amara Scentsations’ skincare marries botanically derived ingredients – Plant oils, plant butters, hydrosols (floral waters) and essential oils with the best techniques science can offer.

Sourced from small businesses worldwide, our organic, wildcrafted and minimally processed ingredients are combined in creative ways to give you the most effective, safest, fragrant products to nourish your skin. All our cosmetic products are lab tested and approved.

Our holistic cosmetic products are designed to improve the way your skin looks and feels while being healthful. We use toxin-free ingredients you can recognize— rather than strange, multisyllabilic tongue twisters

  • lab tested and approved
  • crafted in small batches
  • proven botanical ingredients
  • focus on healing (not profit margins with a high toxic load!) = better value

The lotion really is gorgeous. My hands definitely feel softer this morning. Scents of everything I love – rose, vanilla, milk chocolate. I’m surprised at how long the scent lasts. I just love it! Well done, Anjali!

– Vicki Hine