About Us

We take in the world through our senses. Everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is a message to us about the nature of the world. Is it good? Is it great?

And so when Amara Scentsations started off on this journey, we decided that our gift to the world would be great products which deliver the results for which they are designed, and look good, feel good and smell good. 

Amara Scentsations_Plant Based

We get compliments on our packaging, skin-feel and fragrance all the time. This is no accident. It's a part of the product, and one that we consider as important as the product itself.

So you get the results you are looking for and a sense of upliftment with each use. 

Our products are mindfully crafted with botanical ingredients - plant oils and butters, herbal extracts and essential oils - all sourced from ethical companies. Most are organic, many are wildcrafted.