This has been a tough year for me physically and Anjali has been helping me with special combinations of diffusers she has made based on my symptoms. Her diffusers have helped relieve anxiety and create energy after my surgeries. She has also based on my symptoms made me special creams and soaps. One specifically was when I was afflicted with …. after my surgeries. She has made me a special soap, spray and cream that did wonders within days. I have been using her combinations and have had no trouble since.

She has also made diffusers/cream combinations for my son suffering from anxiety. Amara Scentsations products are very good. Though the winning formula is Anjali’s perceptiveness on what what is needed in your life today.

– Shilpa Gulati

I absolutely love my personalized oil blends. The sandalwood cream you made for me smells so nice and really relaxes me. It just cheers up my day. Thank you so much for creating such gorgeous fragrances.

– Rachana Gupta

I love the uniqueness of Amara Scentsations blends prepared by Anjali.  She has made a few blends for my son that has …..  We use muscular oil massage blend and a diffuser blend to support his nervous system.  These blends help him relax at night in a very gentle way.

Anjali carefully evaluates your needs and chooses the oils using her gained knowledge and intuition.  You can tell how much Anjali enjoys creating the blends when she explains why she chose the specific oils.  Her products also smell very appealing! Thank you!

– Eugenia Macchia

I just want you to know how happy I am with the scents that you created for me.  I use ‘Grace’ almost daily, and am equally pleased with the inhaler.  Aromatherapy has, for me, provided an alternative to the use of over-the-counter compounds to relieve stress-induced headaches.  For this I say thank you!

– Judy Laidlaw

I met Anjali while on vacation and I was in pain – she blended something from her travel kit and by next day, I was so much better. The pain was gone and swelling was less. I believe in essential oils now, something I had never done before.

– S.D.

My interest in essential oils and their health benefits was truly piqued after attending a presentation hosted by Anjali for the staff at our school. Anjali shared her vast knowledge on essential oils, botanicals and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit and also shared samples of various blends with the staff. On the drive home after the presentation it struck me how calm and energetic I felt after a long day.

Seeking more information, I had a one-on-one consultation with Anjali. In a week, she surprised me with a beautiful blend of oils called “She Walks in Beauty”. I use this perfume and reap the benefits daily. As an added bonus, I receive many compliments on its light, sweet fragrance.

I particularly love the Vitex inhaler to help..(….) I also enjoy using her goat milk cleansing bar and hand and body lotion. Anjali’s lip balm is also part of my daily skin care routine.

Anjali’s custom blend of essential oils not only lifts my spirit, but calms them at day’s end.

It is evident that Anjali’s passion and knowledge of oils and how the different blends can support one’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I highly recommend contacting her for a consultation.
Thank you, Anjali, for sharing and caring.

– Pauline MacNeill

I received the lotion today! Couldn’t believe how fast it got here. I got to use it after it warmed up a bit and it really is gorgeous. My hands definitely feel softer this morning. It does take a while for the oils to soak in but then they really do their work. Scents of everything I love – rose, vanilla, milk chocolate. I’m really surprised at how the scent lasts. It’s hours later and my hands still smell like milk chocolate and maybe a bit of vanilla. I just love it! Well done, Anjali!

– Vicki Hine

I had the pleasure of purchasing two perfumes from Amara Scentsations.

For myself I was looking for an oil that was calming and grounding and was not too strong scented. She made me a beautiful lightly scented oil of sandalwood and frankincense called Zen.. When I feel I am rushing around and there are too many ideas in my head, I rub a little on the back of my hand and inhale. I automatically begin to take deep breaths and become a little more present and focused.

For my mom, I requested an oil that would help clear fatigue. My mom reports that she got a lovely perfume for Christmas and is very happy with it.

I highly recommend Amara Scentsations. They are natural, healing oils and are beautifully packaged.

– Maria McCusker

Anjali’s formulations are truly personalized. My skin is chronically dry in the winter and I had requested a soothing  cream. I can honestly say that this has been the easiest winter on my hands thanks to Anjali’s formula.

Her mocha lip balm is delightful. And who knew that pampering could take on such a practical and everyday role.

I am a bit of a traditionalist. I’m not easily sold on what’s new or different. Anjali’s knowledge of ingredients that emanate from natural sources that can actually affect mood as well as our care of self,  has changed my perception of natural products. By going back to basics, Anjali shares her knowledge of what can be readily available and organically found, to provide holistic approaches which don’t disappoint.

– Nina Marvi

Anjali has a true gift in aromatherapy. Flexibility Potion is nothing short of amazing. It is a potion in the truest sense, filled with magic and healing wonder. When I put it on it there is an immediate sense of easing of my neck/shoulder tension and pain. If used before bed, I wake up with my muscles much more relaxed and comfortable. I also have the “I Am Love” Heart Chakra diluted blend. It is so lovely smelling, full of richness and depth. And has really helped me when I put it on my heart area- I have a focused inward meditation while applying and rubbing it in and then go on with my day. I feel that it has helped mend some recent hurts in my heart. Also, I am more at ease and happy when wearing it. Lastly, I also got a sample of the Lanai perfume in alcohol. It is a lovely floral blend. Her description is spot on. I look forward to getting more from her in the future!

– Amy Tanner Krekel